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Welcome to “The Retail Detail” comics & blog.

Administrator, activist, public speaker, IT consultant, artist, journalist…

Amy Barnes, Citizen Journalist

Amy Barnes, Citizen Journalist

Welcome to the detail on all things retail.  The Retail Detail covers the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas.  You will find local news that is not often covered by mainstream media.

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~ Amy Barnes

9 Responses to About Amy Barnes

  1. actually this is not what i needed when i searched on google which routed me here.but actually i needed more information on this topic for my neice as she had asked.

  2. Chere Keele says:

    your site ranks high on yahoo and i must say your consistent writing style deserves your blog to be such high in rankings.i relished your writing style.keep it up.

  3. so you think this way on this topic. i am not sure whether i am with you or against you on this.

  4. Do you care if I put part of this on my site if I post a link to this blog?

    • Amy Barnes says:

      Quoting or referencing content is fine as long as there is a link back to give credit.

    • Auth says:

      Hi, Amy!!I LOVE your website! You are so taenetld. Where you did you learn about Photography, the technical side and Photo Editing? Not sure if you took a class anywhere or just trial and error. You definitely have a GIFT I have always loved Photography too, (as a hobby only for me though) since my Dad had a SLR camera when I was a little girl. I have a Sony SLR and I’m learning. I just enjoy taking pictures of my family and my kids but I need more practice. =) Thanks!!

      • Amy Barnes says:

        Your IP Address is the same one as several spam postys I’ve gotten… BUT – for everyone, spammers included – the software on cameras can be manipulated and part of my “talent” lies in knowing how to use my camera — part of Macro shooting lies in depressing the camera button halfway – and activating the auto zoom features. The night shots with flashing lights require either full auto or a special preset dedicated to FireWorks shows. Any star pictures or moonlight shots use a special preset for night shots on tripods.

        If you have a secure and hard object, such as a tree or automobile (car, truck, van), then you do not necessarily need a tripod – I have crystal clear shots while the vehicle is moving at 60-plus miles per hour – because I set the camera against the solid frame of the car and braced my hold, then pushed the button to take a picture. I have gotten some amazing cloud shots and building shots that way.

        Know your camera like you would an intimate partner or spouse – because? Your camera will NOT work at its best unless you know – and I mean *KNOW* how it will react in different circumstances – because you need to have BOTH skill *and* knowledge when challenging or sudden changes in events leaves you with the award-worthy moments. Test your camera in as many different situations and environments as you can.

  5. i tried reading your website from my xperia x10 but it wasnt visible properly.is your website mobile supported?

    • Amy Barnes says:

      I have no idea. I use different devices myself, and I’m just now getting over the basic WordPress curve; this new wave of Mobile support website technology can be confusing. Adobe Creative Suite 4 has thousands of devices for its compatibility database – yikes! Thanks for raising these issues. This means I need to be doing some more homework 🙂

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