COVID-19: Uninsured people are paying BIG bucks for a free test.

Local health departments have begun offering COVID-19 tests, and yet HERE WE ARE – urgent care centers are offering this same test for a “low” fee of $175. This is what I might call a “panic tax” usually seen in a time of crisis.

The test can be obtained free of co-pay by getting a referral from either your doctor or a local health department. Some departments have even created web pages for test requests.

Find your local health department here:

For a direct referral to a public health testing center, IF you have a primary care physician, consult your primary care physician or health insurer’s call-in line to ask about getting a test.

Below is the screen grab of one care center’s website offering COVID-19 tests to the uninsured (read: “self-pay”) for $175. Don’t be that person paying $175 – there are options.

It literally does pay to stop, breathe, and think when a crisis hits.

Hope this helps!

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IRS: Payment Status Not Available may be a data problem, not a status problem

There is one simple reason why many people are getting the Payment Status Not Available error, and it might not be the reason most people would think.

The IRS has pages and pages of documentation regarding Payment Status Not Available errors, and buried within them is that the IRS is old, and is running old systems, and processing the massive data for millions of people takes some time, including developing the new payment status tool.

Affirming this is ONE SALIENT DETAIL buried within the IRS documentation: the IRS has not uploaded all of the data to their tool’s data set.

In other words – your data might not be within the tool’s dataset, and is therefore not available. This means that the IRS is still migrating data from its existing databases into the database used by the new payment status tool.

#PicsOrItDidntHappen – see the image below – a screen grab of the IRS website section detailing the reasons for this error – look at the FIRST section. Then keep checking back and hoping for the best, as the data gets continually updated for the tool.

Here is the LINK to the actual page for you to see for yourself:

Hope this helps!


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Mileage, Expenses, Notes, oh, my!

I am testing an embedded app with this post. Here goes!


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Free web Mileage and Expenses tracker

This tiny web app allows you to declare any user name and start tabulating a simple chart of Expenses and Mileage for use in tax time. You can even use multiple user names for multiple sets of data.

Below is a screen grab of the main screen, and further down is the link.

No special characters are allowed.

I hope you find this small app useful! Eventually there might be a paid subscription model available for a small fee.


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LifeHacks: when you need socks for high heels.

This is perfect for when you have leggings that go with a long-ish blouse.

Pantyhose does not always work – especially when wearing heels with pants or leggings. In fact, there’s another alternative to using hose or hose stockings – One Easy Trick not often taught, but instead learned through trial and error – and need.

Paper towels can be fitted to the feet by wrapping a portion over your toes and then sliding the foot in, and tucking the paper towel around the foot to fit neatly into the shoe.

HOWEVER. Not all paper towels are equal.

The ones I prefer are called White Rags in a Box, made in the USA and are sold in places like Home Depot – these paper towels are so awesome and durable that ONE can be used and re-used to clean an entire stove-top.

White Rags in a Box are perfect for shoes where actual socks would be super tacky, and plenty of testing has resulted in the discovery that these super thick and absorbent towels can last literally all day long, while providing a bit of cushioning for feet.

So, why do this? It helps minimize the amount of stink left into a shoe due to foot sweat staying in a shoe. This also helps avoid needing to clean the inside of the shoe.


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