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Pics: Baby Cactus leaves are adorable!

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They are sharp, spiny, and painful: cacti have pad-shaped leaves that have long, thin, razor-sharp spikes. But did you know that they start out so adorably cute? Here are some cool pics: Photo credit: Amy Barnes, The Retail Detail USA … Continue reading

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Pick a pecan, break a law?

It’s no secret that Georgia is serious about agriculture.  So serious, in fact, that loose pecans are protected under a law buried within the Property Law section (Title 44). NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. FOR LEGAL ADVICE, CONSULT … Continue reading

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Lunch on a buck: Chicken Noodle Rice

Folks, ramen noodles now have serious competition.  This dish is easy, quick, requires only five ingredients, and – best of all – no actual measuring cups are needed.  And, you cook this with three button-pushes on the microwave. This dish … Continue reading

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Report of weather, photos of damage 6/14/2013

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MARIETTA, GA: Last night’s storm was intense!  Here’s my report on what happened, including some photos of the damage I took: The roll clouds were green, dark gray, black in some areas, and the lighting had an odd green/yellow coloring. … Continue reading

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Rose Pictures: January 8, 2013.

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I took photos of a few roses on a bush in Marietta, Georgia: Free to use non-commercially.  (c) 2013 Amy Barnes, If you like my work, please share this page URL freely.  Sharing is caring. ###

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