Review: Hodoku – unlimited fun, no internet required!

Screen grab showing Active Cell feature access from View menu.

Hodoku is a rare gem in the gaming sphere – you can create whole books of puzzles with nearly unlimited Extended Print with multiple puzzles per page, and you can specify the quantity of puzzles for each type as well as whether or not you want candidates to be visible.

The Active Cell feature allows a super easy click-to-use “detailed” view of candidates for a cell.

Go check out this old game that is roughly a decade-old and you can download an MSI installer and a JAVA version is also available. At less than 5MB in size, it offers impressive functionality that I have discovered out-performs any other game available.

Don’t pay for Sudoku puzzles – simply use this amazing (free!) game, and consider supporting the developers if their site has a mechanism for that.

Monday, June 12, 2023.

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