Apple Anti-Trust Lawsuit – iOS app devs need to register ASAP

Do you develop iOS apps? You should download the lawsuit, read it, and go to the site linked further down to request an evaluation of any potential claims eligible for compensation. Here are a few of the points in the lawsuit:

  1. Apple, according to the complaint that was filed – allegedly admitted – that “… iOS developers have antitrust standing…” to file suit. See: Complaint (linked below this paragraph), page 33.
  2. Forcing prices to end in ninety-nine cents deprives developers of a right to choice of price.
  3. A requirement to sell apps via Apple’s store buries apps within millions of other apps.
  4. Restricting distribution to the Apple Store also denies developers the right to fair commissions.

Here’s the Complaint:

Archived Complaint copy: — a separate download link is also right below.

Then you need to hop on over to the following URL:

And seek an evaluation of your circumstances. Don’t delay, get started as soon as possible, because the deadline for a request for review and entry to the case class is, at this time, not known. Submitting a possible claim for review early also gives the complainant more time to search for and produce documents & other evidence that might be helpful in discovery.

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March 24, 2021

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