Access a Floureon Security system in Chrome (March 2021)

If you’ve bought a Floureon system and are having trouble with LAN access via the web browser, and see the Plugin Required / Not Supported screen, you’re not alone.

No worries. There are a few steps:

  1. To configure a Floureon system, here is the 8-channel DVR system user’s manual:
  2. Install IE Tab – this Chrome Extension emulates an older Internet Explorer browser.
  3. Install the ActiveX needed for the system.
  4. Edit the IE Tab setting to allow the IP address to be opened in emulation.
    1. Edit the Options – right-click the extension icon, click Options
    2. Enter the IP address you’d like to use, and add a WildCard asterisk at the end.
      * See the image gallery below these steps for screen grabs
  5. Type in the IP Address on a Chrome tab and watch your security software actually connect.
    1. Log In
    2. Start using the software

And that should be what gets it working. Presented below are screen grabs showing how to set up IE Tab

One fun thing about the web interface, rather than software, is that you can freely resize the tab at will and, if the tab is run in a separate process, you can use a second or third monitor on your system to keep tabs.

Another quick tip: if you have a secure Remote Desktop option, you can RD into your system while elsewhere and keep tabs on what is going on, through your cell phone, without having to use a separate app.

If there are any steps that might have missed, feel free to comment on the Twitter channel, located at:

March 23, 2021

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