Running a used Aisen a1 LoveCore miner – a miner’s experience.

Aisen a1 LoveCore 23TH used miner in operation.

Aisen a1 LoveCore 23TH used miner.

The Aisen a1 LoveCore ASIC miner is now available on the second-hand market, which is seeing crazy-high demand.

Current prices run at roughly $1,000 to $1,200 for a new one and roughly $700 for a used one including shipping costs.

Shipping can take approx. 5 to 7 days with a delay expected from customs inspections. 

Miners can be classified as either ‘computers’ or, more accurately, ‘calculators,’ because a miner calculates.

The picture you see here is a used miner, and so far performance starts minimal at roughly half its alleged capacity (advertised at 20TH).

It takes roughly ten minutes for a full reboot and ramp-up.

One very good thing about this miner is that it can handle USA 230v power just fine, as the PSU is designed for a wide range of input.  Power requires a unique power cable with the miner side looking like a computer-use power cord and the wall socket side with the two prongs placed horizontally instead of the 110v vertical placement.  This is done to prevent mix-ups with power sources – higher-volt power sockets are specifically designed not to support plugs for 110v devices to prevent accidental mix-ups and destroyed devices.

For miners who are getting serious, it is worth it to upgrade the power capacity to a minimum of 200-300 amp power, 400 amp and dedicated mining farm facilities can require over a megawatt in power.

Mine was used and, as such, I expected hiccups to occur, and the suboptimal rate was roughly 2% and lowered to roughly 0.61% after about a day of running.

Aixen / Aisen a1 control console showing hash rate at 23.729Th/s

The console is not the preferred Braiins OS, because at this time there is currently no plan to include support for Aixen / Aisen devices. The ramp-up time is typical for this miner.

Screen grab of mining pool console showing 18.169 Th/s performance on worker5, the a1 LoveCore.

In this screen grab as shown above, there were two restarts needed as pool config settings were being changed and the mining pool experienced connectivity errors. Pool management can require intense periods of monitoring and corrections work, and can become a serious job when the payout rewards are high enough (I’ve been seeing 30 to 37 cents per TH lately).

What is interesting is that worker4, an s9 miner, is shown in pool management software as having a higher hashrate than the a1 LoveCore. While the LoveCore is a used miner, it might be possible that the hasrate declaration might be related to the difficulty of the coin currently being mined, which is BCH. The mining software shows the icon and a color scheme depending on what is being mined. The BitCoin Cash (BCH) logo appears and the color is green because the BCH logo is green.

About an hour later, miner performance “increase” was realized by the mining pool.

About an hour after reboot, the performance had slowly increased in the pool, while the IRT (In Real Time) console showed a steady 23Th/s rate of work.

I test all my miners and closely monitor new ones for about a week to gauge performance and watch for issues that need addressing.

The official website for the manufacturer, credited in the control console asĀ “Shenzhen chain times technology holding co. LTD”, is – and the site is not active at this time.

The actual wording for the manufacturer is Aisen, not Aixin or Aixen as you might see.

Overall, the performance is more efficient then the s9 when maximum wattage is divided into the TH performance. The console is much more limited when compared to Braiins OS on an s9, which is one downside.

The default login is root / root, and the miners are best placed on a dedicated IP address beginning with 192 as the first octet.

Getting an a1 LoveCore is considered somewhat risky due to the manufacturer no longer being in the market, and also due to the fact that there are almost no options for repair should something break. Many repair centers dedicate their efforts and supply to the newest miner hardware on the market.

If you are truly serious about mining, it may become a necessity to learn how to repair broken units.

This review will be updated with expected gains numbers after the first full day of work is complete.

Profits can be calculated if electricity costs are known, and each service area has a different rate of electricity, so profits will vary due to this difference.

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March 19, 2021

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