How busy is my ER? Website shows Georgia ER / ICU statuses.

Graph showing statuses of various ER facilities across the state of Georgia

Atlanta, GA — It’s a few days before New Year’s and you definitely do not want to call an ambulance – ERs across the region are on diversion. See for yourself what your local ER status is, at the Georgia Coordinating Center‘s website (

Ambulance companies, health insurance call-in line personnel, doctors – and now the public – rely on this real-time reporting system to assist in making the important decision as to where to send patients for care, because of a tie-in between waiting times and status of traffic load.

It may seem odd for an ER to report “normal” traffic while going on diversion (sometimes this odd duck does show up on the statuses), but that could be the result of everything from a temporary drop in staff to the fact that it may be normal for the ER to have a high traffic load.

Either way – check out the Georgia Coordinating Center before heading to an ER if it’s only a minor emergency, because an ER that is on diversion may net you a long, long wait.

Source: Georgia Coordinating Center –

December 29, 2020

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