Graham v Servis One: an early Christmas gift for homeowners.

ATLANTA, GA — Score one for the federal government – a mortgage servicer is sending homeowners across the country, pursuant to a consent order, a bit of good news just days before Christmas: a piece of mail entitled GRAHAM V SERVIS ONE QSF. It is a settlement check in restitution for alleged violations of RESPA and Regulation X.

Screen grab of a portion of the Consent Order (download link in article)

The case was filed regarding poor and/or inadequate documentation, errors, omissions, and other problems regarding homeowners’ applications for assistance due to hardship.

You can see the full Consumer Financial Protection Bureau press release at the following link:

You can view or download the Consent Order from the following link:

While the settlement checks are not large, they are still bring a small bit of joy to struggling homeowners in need of extra cash for the holidays.

December 24, 2020

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