Technology can save the economy, gov’t is failing to adapt.

MARIETTA, GA — July of 2020 – The line at the Cobb County business license office snaked out the door, and across the front of the building. There was no possible way to conduct business (pun fully intended) in a socially-distanced manner. Several “customers” of the business license office were without masks, and nobody was six feet apart from any other person.

The worst part of this? Technology currently exists that would make it possible for nobody to have to actually stand in line – yet government offices are still mandating in-person attendance to apply for basic things like an extension for more time to renew a vehicle tag or get a business license.

Local, state, and federal government offices are forcing people to literally risk their very lives to conduct their affairs with local governments. The only exceptions to this that I have seen are: the IRS, the Georgia Secretary of State (corporations division), and the GA Dept of Revenue.

We can register for a customer account and receive delivery by curbside or front-door drop off from the nation’s major retailers.

How many deaths does it take until gov’t IT departments and those in office decide to actually work for the people, and modernize how governments work?

It’s time.

-. Signed, a software engineer & developer who is sick of being sick.

About Amy Barnes

Author has extensive experience in Retail, including two years as a supervisor. Educated in Psychology, Financial Accounting, Criminal Justice, and Programming. Work experience in Law Enforcement, Security (IT), Programming (REALBasic, SQL, VB, JAVA), Retail.
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