IRS: Payment Status Not Available may be a data problem, not a status problem

There is one simple reason why many people are getting the Payment Status Not Available error, and it might not be the reason most people would think.

The IRS has pages and pages of documentation regarding Payment Status Not Available errors, and buried within them is that the IRS is old, and is running old systems, and processing the massive data for millions of people takes some time, including developing the new payment status tool.

Affirming this is ONE SALIENT DETAIL buried within the IRS documentation: the IRS has not uploaded all of the data to their tool’s data set.

In other words – your data might not be within the tool’s dataset, and is therefore not available. This means that the IRS is still migrating data from its existing databases into the database used by the new payment status tool.

#PicsOrItDidntHappen – see the image below – a screen grab of the IRS website section detailing the reasons for this error – look at the FIRST section. Then keep checking back and hoping for the best, as the data gets continually updated for the tool.

Here is the LINK to the actual page for you to see for yourself:

Hope this helps!



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