COVID-19: Uninsured people are paying BIG bucks for a free test.

Local health departments have begun offering COVID-19 tests, and yet HERE WE ARE – urgent care centers are offering this same test for a “low” fee of $175. This is what I might call a “panic tax” usually seen in a time of crisis.

The test can be obtained free of co-pay by getting a referral from either your doctor or a local health department. Some departments have even created web pages for test requests.

Find your local health department here:

For a direct referral to a public health testing center, IF you have a primary care physician, consult your primary care physician or health insurer’s call-in line to ask about getting a test.

Below is the screen grab of one care center’s website offering COVID-19 tests to the uninsured (read: “self-pay”) for $175. Don’t be that person paying $175 – there are options.

It literally does pay to stop, breathe, and think when a crisis hits.

Hope this helps!


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