WARNING: Software can trigger a bank account lock-out.

It can happen seemingly out of nowhere: ATM access denied. Card deactivated. A call in line rep “cannot confirm, nor deny, anything at this time.” A personal visit to the bank is required. I now know the cause and the solution.

First – it happened to me; I am writing this from direct, personal experience.
For the ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ crowd – here’s your receipt, below:

LOCKED OUT and DEACTIVATED over an Android emulator!

What happened is this: I use an OS other than Android, I wanted to play my favorite games while working, and so I turned around and downloaded NoxPlayer. Screenshot below:

Without a second thought, I also downloaded my bank’s handy little app and started logging in to see my account. And here is where it got interesting…

Bank security, a day later, locked down my ATM and app access, and deactivated my debit card. They told me that someone out of California had gained access to my account. I’ve never been in California, so of course I agreed to get a new username and password for online access.

A few days later, I noticed that Arcade City had announced an app update. One quick glance showed me the answer I needed: the Android emulator had a static location declared, and it was coordinated somewhere in California. Screenshot below:

IF you are using Android emulators, please double-check the location service setting, as this could cause huge problems with apps like Maps, banking, etc.

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