How to find a notary during non-business hours.

While the supply of notaries seems to be non-existent outside of the standard 9 to 5, notaries can be found during all the other hours – here are seven ways you can find a notary:

  1. Social Media – particularly NextDoor – is the easiest route to getting a helpful hand. Most people do have notaries living nearby and do not realize it. NextDoor limits access to its users to where they reside, so this platform is limited to residential community and immediately-surrounding areas.
    – Update: I have found NextDoor to be the most reliable source for notaries at reasonable rates, usually with more than a few replies to any post requesting a notary.
  2. Shipping/Mailing – FedEx / UPS / etc – they usually tack on a house fee, and may be open for extended hours. FedEx has a few locations that are open 24 hours; regardless of time, always call to ask because notaries are not always available.
  3. Bail Bonding – these businesses require the use of notaries, so it’s likely they have one on-hand, at least during daylight hours.
  4. Car Dealerships – likely to be open during weekends.
  5. Hospitals – some might have a notary on-hand, but at the least they have referrals to mobile notaries.
  6. Google Maps listings – many of these are for mobile services, so this one is a route of almost-last resort.
    Update: Google Maps has been lagging behind on data accuracy due to the pandemic. Definitely CALL or EMAIL before you go to any place of business!
  7. Mobile / 24-hours notaries – avoid mobile notaries unless you are in dire need; mobile notaries charge travel fees that range anywhere from a reasonable $30 to an iniquitous $75/$100… or more.
  8. BONUS: There are several notary associations that operate at national and/or state level – these typically allow you to search for a notary near you. Also, your superior court clerk might allow online searches of their database.

Source: I am a notary myself, and have had to find notaries for my own use, as notaries are not allowed to notarize for their own signatures due to a conflict of interest.

~ This 19th of January, 2019.
Updated 27th June, 2020.


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