The Michael T. Slager Support Fund: “These people” are “destroying our civilization.”

APRIL 9, 2015 — The caption reads “These people will not rest until they’ve destroyed our civilization.” – showing a picture of African-American protesters.  See the picture below…

Posted on 4/9/15 - 10:54pm EST

Posted on 4/9/15 – 10:54pm EST

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Voice your opinion on the Michael T. Slager Support Fund page.  Tell them that declaring war on a population within this country is not the way to rally support for a criminal in a costume, shown on video framing a dead man; it’s time to rise up and protest!


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1 Response to The Michael T. Slager Support Fund: “These people” are “destroying our civilization.”

  1. guitarken says:

    It’s good – it identifies in public the people who would make the earth a better place by dying.

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