Jobs, jobs, everywhere; nary a sign in sight.

ATLANTA – Employer, meet Employee … on Facebook?  You bet!  Those “Now Hiring” signs have gone digital, and what previous generations have envisioned as “the future” is here NOW.

This is part of something, as a worker, I have longed for – a supercharged network where people can work together to find each other work and any other resources such as referrals to businesses that we trust.  And, it’s happening.

I’m writing this as an encouragement because – I’ve gotten hired to do freelance art gigs (and other jobs) off of FB.  I’ve seen friends of mine get hired off of Facebook – so – I know that it does work.

See the sections and tips below, and feel free to add in tips for others reading this in the comments.

Looking for work?  Here are a few tips:

  1. Consider making a “professional account” or a blog where you address industry trends or simply post samples of your work.
  2. Highlight your talents or make a “mini resume.”
  3. IF you are worried about a current manager finding out (some managers will fire people the moment they start looking for greener grass), stick to person-to-person PM chats.
  4. If you’re already unemployed, be sure to connect with community support groups and other similar types of pages, and let people know that you’re seeking work, or keep watch on those pages because hiring managers will post on those pages, too.
  5. If you know that you will be searching for work soon, connect with potential employers and keep the line of communication open – you never know if a friend can give you a lead that will give you a lead that will give you a job.  It’s happened.

For the employers, Facebook is an awesome tool because you get the privilege of a far more in-depth look at the prospective employee, and you might walk away with a very valuable team member out of a Facebook search.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Well-connected people have potential vendors or customers.
  2. Facebook is a great tool for seeing into a person’s personality.
  3. No fees – ads and headhunters cost money.
  4. Community-specific support pages are a possible venue for sourcing employees as physically close to the business as can be made to happen.  Employees tend to want shorter commutes.
  5. Virtual work – yes, some employers assign work via FB chat.

If you are self-employed or are an independant contractor, FB company pages are a great stepping stone to more direct clients or customers.  Consider making one if you only have a website.

All of this is pretty much common sense that is found after using FB for a little while.  If you’re searching for work, good luck.

– Amy Barnes
IT / media /paralegal


About Amy Barnes

Author has extensive experience in Retail, including two years as a supervisor. Educated in Psychology, Financial Accounting, Criminal Justice, and Programming. Work experience in Law Enforcement, Security (IT), Programming (REALBasic, SQL, VB, JAVA), Retail.
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