Review: RIGID portable handheld vacuum – why everyone should get one of these indispensable tools.

So I bought a portable vacuum sold as a compliment to a standard shop vac. It’s small size makes it an incredible tool to have. Here is why everyone should consider getting one:

  1. Excellent for snagging a wasp or hornet from mid-air – especially with the crevice tool which is large enough to handle an insect.
  2. Perfect for dog fur – so your German Shepherd dog sheds enough to build a dust bunny capable of taking on the cat? Guess what – this vacuum nails it. It’s portability means I am not dragging a long cord through rooms and can dart all around the house sucking fur up, you should try it.
  3. Cleaning vehicles is a breeze with this vacuum. Do you drive for rideshare platforms? Then this vacuum is definitely a must-have – it is a breeze to clean up crumbs and the crevice tool makes cleaning seat crevices easy work.
  4. Small but powerful for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
RIGID vacuum lying on wooden floor

April 6, 2021

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Cobb County Magistrate Court: “So you wanna sue?”

Cobb County Magistrate Court has a limit of $15,000 and is also limited to some extent re: the type of cases that can be handled by the court.

The website URL:

Search for cases:

Fees & Forms:

“Intro to small claims” as of 4/6/2021 is archived – the link is below:

The address is:
Public Safety Building
32 Waddell Street, 3rd Floor
Marietta, GA 30090

Thank you for visiting, and I hope this helps!


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Apple Anti-Trust Lawsuit – iOS app devs need to register ASAP

Do you develop iOS apps? You should download the lawsuit, read it, and go to the site linked further down to request an evaluation of any potential claims eligible for compensation. Here are a few of the points in the lawsuit:

  1. Apple, according to the complaint that was filed – allegedly admitted – that “… iOS developers have antitrust standing…” to file suit. See: Complaint (linked below this paragraph), page 33.
  2. Forcing prices to end in ninety-nine cents deprives developers of a right to choice of price.
  3. A requirement to sell apps via Apple’s store buries apps within millions of other apps.
  4. Restricting distribution to the Apple Store also denies developers the right to fair commissions.

Here’s the Complaint:

Archived Complaint copy: — a separate download link is also right below.

Then you need to hop on over to the following URL:

And seek an evaluation of your circumstances. Don’t delay, get started as soon as possible, because the deadline for a request for review and entry to the case class is, at this time, not known. Submitting a possible claim for review early also gives the complainant more time to search for and produce documents & other evidence that might be helpful in discovery.

Comments are welcome on the Twitter feed:

March 24, 2021

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Coming soon – to add new platform for US customers

Nearly all exchanges were forced to close their doors – and lose a considerable amount of business – due to the insane amount of regulation of crypto exchanges and mining pools.

Today, it was discovered that will be rolling out a specific platform for US-based customers.

Chat exchange asking if USA customers are accepted, and explaining restrictions based on state of residence being a detractor to sign-on of USA customers, with response disclosing new USA platform roll-out soon. is one of the exchanges that supports DOGE and a myriad of other coins, which means the market for DOGE should expand even further. It is not yet known what the full set of features will be, but it is high time that CoinBase and its high fees faced some competition.

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March 23, 2021

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Access a Floureon Security system in Chrome (March 2021)

If you’ve bought a Floureon system and are having trouble with LAN access via the web browser, and see the Plugin Required / Not Supported screen, you’re not alone.

No worries. There are a few steps:

  1. To configure a Floureon system, here is the 8-channel DVR system user’s manual:
  2. Install IE Tab – this Chrome Extension emulates an older Internet Explorer browser.
  3. Install the ActiveX needed for the system.
  4. Edit the IE Tab setting to allow the IP address to be opened in emulation.
    1. Edit the Options – right-click the extension icon, click Options
    2. Enter the IP address you’d like to use, and add a WildCard asterisk at the end.
      * See the image gallery below these steps for screen grabs
  5. Type in the IP Address on a Chrome tab and watch your security software actually connect.
    1. Log In
    2. Start using the software

And that should be what gets it working. Presented below are screen grabs showing how to set up IE Tab

One fun thing about the web interface, rather than software, is that you can freely resize the tab at will and, if the tab is run in a separate process, you can use a second or third monitor on your system to keep tabs.

Another quick tip: if you have a secure Remote Desktop option, you can RD into your system while elsewhere and keep tabs on what is going on, through your cell phone, without having to use a separate app.

If there are any steps that might have missed, feel free to comment on the Twitter channel, located at:

March 23, 2021

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